HEREafter is a limited engagement, multi-sensory immersive theatrical production for 40 guests at a time.

Some lives are punctuated by moments that change their trajectory forever.


{HEREafter nothing will be the same . . . . }


In a matter of moments, we are propelled into a different version of ourselves.


{suffering is part of our preparation for the HEREafter . . . .}


HEREafter, audience members will join this immersive pop-up performance as witnesses and participants in a whirlwind of chaos and memory.


Sit at our table.   Join the madness. 


Refreshments will be served. 




Limited engagement only.  


The historic HL Green Building in South Downtown A

97-99 Peachtree St. SW

Oct 30 – 31 / Nov 1 – 2

Directed by: Kelly Bartnik & Kathleen Wessel

Sound Design: John Glover

Lighting Design: Andre Allen / Blacklight Productions

Costume Design: Eulyn Hufkie

Featuring: Lamia Dingle, Aaron Glaize, Ivory Lloyd, Tate Reklau, 

Patrick Otsuki, Monique Wimby

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